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Stand for something or you'll fall for anything.

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I'm Jess, I'm a self-proclaimed writer, I speak fluent sarcasm, I speak it better than English ha. I'm a smart ass and I conspire more then any human should. I'm a thinker and I analyze everything to death. I can't draw or paint and I don't really have any talents other then writing and I'm not even that good at doing that. I hate conformity and routines so change is always welcomed. I'm a pothead but definitely not a burn out. I'm intelligent but it rarely shows. I'm always getting into some shenanigans. I don't think before I speak and that gets me in trouble more often then not. I can't fucking stand Asians. I'm offensive and blunt and I don't sugar coat a thing. I'd rather be an open sinner then a false saint. I'm addicted to quotes, especially inspirational ones (apparently). I love music and I listen to just about every genre. I'm not materialistic but I do have a vagina so I spend money like it grows on trees. I don't have any goals or aspirations for my life, I live in the now not the then or what if. I probably have the strangest thought process in the world. I don't have but two friends because everyone else fucking blows. Anddd that's me in the smallest nutshell possible. =]